Save your fur babies

As much as we care about our loved ones, we should also look over our pets. They are also one of the victims of pests like a tick. It can be found outdoors in; grass, trees, shrubs, and leaf piles. However, they are attracted to people and their loving pets. Ticks aren’t like bugs that bite you and fly away or scoot off. They can also bite people in warm, moist, or hairy areas, like the scalp, armpit, and the skin behind your ears, which can cause a rash which is a sign of disease.

Flea and ticks can be killed easily using a non-toxic pesticide safe for indoor use. But when it seems that it’s out of your control, our hotline is available to help you! Accutech Environmental offers FREE quotation to all of our clients. Call us at (937) 608-2021 for more details.